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Tim McKay


Tim McKay

Tim McKay is a Denver-based painter who works in acrylic and mixed media. Primarily, he is a colorist whose art is about the use of color, line, and creating meaningful interplay between organic and inorganic forms. Some pieces are very visually complex while others are extremely simple. Historically, his work draws from the Color Field and Abstract Expressionism movements. Generally, McKay’s paintings are not representational—that is, there is usually no attempt to make objects in the image of things found in the real world.

Trained as a clinical psychologist, he holds a PhD in Clinical Psychology and an MA in Theology. However, since 1994 he has designed Web-based software with a focus on making complex systems user-friendly. Recently, McKay has drawn on theory and practice in psychology, theology and software engineering in looking at how art can draw people into greater connection with themselves, others, and society at large, applying these learnings to his work as an artist.

McKay’s mentors include the late Dale Chisman, and Denver artists Michael Gadlin, Jeff Wenzel, and Homare Ikeda.

McKay is represented by Sync Gallery in Denver’s Santa Fe Arts District.

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Art Education

2010 Studio instruction with Jeff Wenzel
2009 Studio instruction with Mitch Caster
2007-present Studio instruction with Homare Ikeda
2006-2007 Studio instruction with Dale Chisman
2005-2007 Studio instruction with Michael Gadlin
Ongoing Self-study in art technique and art history


2013 *Art of the State, Arvada Center for the Arts and Humanities, Arvada, CO
2013 My City, My People, My Oath, My Shame, My City, Sync Gallery, Denver, CO (solo exhibition)
2012 Spiritual Underground, Sync Gallery, Denver, CO (solo exhibition)
2011 Obligations of Being Human, Sync Gallery, Denver, CO (solo exhibition)
2011 **Giving Voice, 910 Arts, Denver, CO
2010 *2010 Denver Modernism Show, Denver, CO
2009 Modern Ideography, Sync Gallery, Denver, CO (solo exhibition)
2009 *2009 Denver Modernism Show, Denver, CO
2009 *The Blue Show, Core Gallery, Denver, CO
2008 *2008 Denver Modernism Show, Denver, CO
2008 **Solo Show, Green Door Living, Tennyson Arts District, Denver, CO
2008 **Bob Gamage Tribute Show, Berkeley Park Gallery, Denver, CO
2008 *Wide Open Wonder Show, Core Gallery, Denver, CO
2007 *Art on the River, Greenway Foundation and Art Students League, Denver, CO
2007 **Past and Present: The Students of Dale Chisman, Art Students League, Denver, Co
2005 *Art and Soul, Art Students League, Denver, CO
  *juried show; **invitational show